Okay everyone this is a bit long so bare with me. This is corespondence with spencer over a peroid of time say the past month I am home now and will be doing updates more often on the NEW NX-200 I have all summer off unless a nuclear turbine crashes.

Hello again Spencer I have been working allot lately I have been
working 16 hour shifts for the past month now with no days off and I
have not gotten to go out and camp which at this present time is
really getting to me a person needs time off to regenerate them

I was unaware of the outages that where about to start in the nuclear
business for some reason it seems they all decided to do it at the
same time because they are having a hard time finding men to work
these outages.

I have been able to put up the new Clark you sent me on three
different occasions one of them was at work during our break of an
hour launch. So I will start with that one, I set it up between two
metal light poles and a guard railing and at first glance you could
not tell much difference in the old N/A and the new N/A but boy was I
surprised once in side I laid in my normal way and found that it was
much easier than in mine there was not much shoulder squeeze with it
and that was with out a pad or bag which I really thought there would
be being a little bigger on the width. I only had about 45 minutes to
lay in it so in that time I took allot of time just looking it over
and laying in different positions and when my alarm went off I woke
up and found that I was sleeping on my belly and didn't hurt a bit.
In all the positions that I laid I found that none of them made my
legs hurt nor did I need anything under them for support. I have
showed several people the N/A at work and showed them how easy it is
to get set up and that night I showed them how easy it was to go to
sleep in it. After being on my feet and walking some 10 miles back
and forth on concrete that 45 min break did me some good all though
my foremen's thought I was losing my mind setting up a hammock for
break I new that I would feel better at the end of break I only wish
I could do that ever break.

Second chance to hang was after work one morning we had a pretty easy
night so I was not as tired as usual so I took the time to set it up
at the hotel using my truck and a fence to hang from again it only
took a few minutes to set it up and found my self asleep in it again
only this time I slept all day at 5pm I woke thinking I had over
slept and went to jump out and couldn't because I had the bug net
zipped up and went to scrambling to get out of it and once I was out
I realized I had not over slept but I did sleep all day now having
said that it's a shame to pay for hotel room and not sleep in it but
I must say that I slept better in the Clark then in the bed in the
hotel. Again I started by lying in different positions and I have as
of yet not found a bad one yet. In comparison to the older model of
the N/A there are two place's that if I lay long enough that my knees
start to hurt I am not sure that it is do to it being shorter or what
but in the new model I have not had that problem at all.

Third chance to hang was at hotel again I have had several people
stop buy and ask what it was and what I was doing and a few of them
were people who worked at the hotel they came out to tell me to move
it off there fence so after taken it off the fence and using another
worker friend of mines truck I was able to hang it from both trucks
and I have not been able to put up rain fly for lack of place to hang
it from so I have just been using the bug shield and the outer cover
and this day some where between when I laid down in it and the time I
got up it rain pretty hard and I stayed dry the whole time. I was not
sure that not having a drip ring on the main line was such a good
idea but evidently it make no difference on weather its there or not
I still stayed dry. On all three occasions I have not had any pad or
bag nor did I have a pillow I just had small throw guilt over me and
that was it. Spencer I have tried in vain to find a bad way to lie
and as of now I have not found one unlike the older N/A and I am
starting to contribute this to the length of the hammock. Now I am
not saying that the older is not good by any means because I have
about 6 to 12 inches of room at foot end of it but this one being
longer I think helps stretch the hammock out even more and give the
person even more room.

After three day of laying in the new one so far I am very impressed I
would like to be able to put the two side by side and compare them
and will when I get a chance to do so

When I get home from Texas. I am very glad that I had my girlfriend
FedEx it to my hotel down here I was starting to miss hanging and
being outside. Now if I can only figure out a way to hang it in here
in the hotel I will have it made.

As for the temps and climate I have put it through the cold weather
has left us again for another season at home so I will not have any
cold weather to speak of but the rainy season is in full force as you
might have seen on the T.V news. The Midwest is getting hit pretty
hard with rains right now so most of this will be in night time temps
of 50's or so and day time temps in the 70/80's and rain for the next
month or so April showers brings may flowers is what they say.

I should be home on the 25th of this month and have several weeks to
try this out again before going back to work. There is no doubt that
I will carry this hammock with me everywhere I go to work from now on
it is a proven fact that I sleep better in it than I do in hotel bed.
I may make a stand that I can put together easy out of square one
inch tubing that I can carry in the back of my truck and put together
either inside or outside the hotel. And I will carry some kind of pad
and blanket with me as well.

Texas temps were in the 50's and 70/80 as well but very little rain.
Oh by the way the ocean breeze kept me cool all the time and the
ocean air smelt better than the cool air conditioned room I was
staying in.

Well that is it in a nut shell you should be getting two orders from
the men at work that are hunters for a camo regular N/A and one
person at work is wanting a longer N/A.

Thanks for the opportunity to try this out and to show it off for you
all, I will continue to do more when I get home. I am kind of upset
that I didn't get a chance to show it at mammoth cave but I am
positive that more people saw it at South Texas Project Nuclear power
plant than would have seen it at mammoth cave.

It will be very hard to give this back to you all in the end. We have
a saying in the dive business and that is " Create a Need " well you
all have done that to me

Put something like this in someone's hand and you do defiantly Create
a Need such fine craftsman's ship in your product how could anyone
seeing this product not want one.

Stay tuned

From Wadsworth Texas

Patrick Dresser

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> All my questions are blue at the end of this.
> Just wanted to give you an update I had all last week to play with
> the 200 and it is just fabulous I found that I have allot more room
> in it than I did in the N/A. I have not bought straps for the 200
> but will soon I bought two beeners Tuesday and will use them when I
> get straps.
> Until then I just tied to tree's, I have to make some guyline
> tensioners for it so I will be going to gander mountain to buy some
> slingshot tubing tomorrow. Those work so well on my other one that I
> want them on this one and I want to save the tarp in those big winds.
> Anyway so far I can not find anything wrong with this new hammock as
> hard as I have tried I have looked at the stitching of ever piece of
> it including the stuff sack that you put in it someone said that
> there's was not sewed on hardly at all on there N/A but that's just
> not the case with this one.
> You all are right about the 200 rain fly being used on the N/A for
> added length it would work wonderfully with it.
> You all sold a N/A to a friend of mine for his son's xmas present and
> they keep telling me how much there son loves and uses the N/A in
> fact the father came by last night to get the 200 from me to use he
> is the one I have been telling you about who is taller and a bit
> heaver. He took it down to the boy scout camp in Kentucky so there
> should be a bunch of scouts and leaders down there looking at it for
> the next 3 days. I will get a report from him when he gets back.
> I have a couple of question to ask of you without getting both out
> are the insides of the N/A and the 200 made of same material seems
> the 200 is a bit tougher and maybe thicker on what you would be
> laying on?
> I cant help but wonder why you don't make cantenary curves in the
> bottom of tarps it would help a bunch with the flapping in the wind
> and would allow you to set tarp tighter I think. If you look at allot
> of the tarps being made now they are goin to that type of cut on them
> for that reason Kelty and a few other have started it as well as some
> of the smaller companies out there. Like Speers and the MacCat that
> Brian makes It would take up about 2 inches off each side but you
> could make it longer to make up for that and would not stop the
> performance of the tarp when closed up all the way just leave the
> velcro on it and it would seal up just like before but add to the
> silence without the flapping. People have in the past talked about
> how short the tarps are and do not give allot of room under them to
> sit under in chairs I have not found this to be true but I do allot
> of reading where people are replacing your tarps for much larger ones
> Are you going to be making these in Camo incase someone asks me I
> will be able to give them the right information.
> Some folks have wondered if you could order any of the hammocks with
> out rainflys for a lesser amount and until I had heard that I never
> thought about that but do you?
> What are the true measurements of the 200 and the N/A ?
> Spencer if you get some time would you go to the forum and answer a
> few questions in there I have done my best but it might be better
> coming from you and there is one in there I can't answer for you
> about hammocks.
> Are you still planning on putting a link to the forum on your website?

> well that is it for now sorry for taken up your time and my rambles

__________________________________________________ ____________________

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the report.

Here are some answers to your questions:

1-We have gone with a new base material in the 200 because its better and lighter than what you have on your NA. Our strength tests have proved that the new base will put up with any abuse the old base takes, plus we believe it to be more mosquito resistant and were working with some labs to prove it.

2-Good question. Weve been considering curves like you talk about and were working on some potential changes. Were working on some projects now that are more important than a big tarp, but its very likely youll see a giant tarp before the end of the year. Please let us know which tarps people are using on ours and well take a look and make sure the tarp we produce is at least as good.

3- Our current policy is that you can order any hammock without a fly at a $50.00 discount. The fly is actually worth more than double that price, but we discount the fly when its purchased with a hammock.

4- The inside length of the NA is 98 inches / width 44 in. The inside length of the 200 is 110 inches / width 50 inches.

5- Please post at will.

6- Sorry Ive been neglecting the forum lately a bit. Ill make sure and log on today.

7- Yes, a link is coming. In the meantime Im sending a lot of people to the forum who call us etc.

Thanks for all your help Pat