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Ha, ha! My Clark NX-200 is known around the house as the "bear taco," shortened to just the "taco" as in, "I'll be in the taco tonight."

I'm eyeing a BB because of the asym design, but I will probably stick with the Clark. I think I've owned it for four seasons. To add to what's been said here, it is a bit of a frankenhammock but some features work for me. I love the weathershield, its roomy headspace, the views out, two of the pockets (I've never used more than two but I always use them), and a dumb loop inside the head end that you can grab to pull yourself up if you've slipped too far. I use the inside pistol pocket to store little things like cell phone and glasses. The tarp is really weird, but it works. I can never keep it taut through the night.

I'm about to install whoopie slings, my third suspension system. Here's where the Clark bugs me. I have yet to really rig it right. The sleeping position is curved and I continue to learn how to sleep in it. I've never had a bad night in it, but I've never had the comfort the BB owners gush about.

If I could hang comfortably in the Clark the extra weight would be a non issue. Besides, the thing is built like a tank.