Hi All,

I'm in the San Francisco area. I've been browsing for a few days and finally decided to register. This looks like a great place with lots of friendly people and great information. I stumbled across the forum when searching for information on replacing my bed with a hammock. I'd love to be able to use it camping, too, so I'm leaning heavily toward the ENO Doublenest.

I've been searching the forums to see what others have asked and answered about that before I ask any questions of my own, though I'm beginning to think I'm a fair bit smaller than most who post on that topic. Or, at least, a good bit smaller than those who volunteer their size on that topic. Surely some of y'all are 5'+ women who weigh less than 150lbs?

Oh, and apparently I'm a unicorn, or a myth, or something, according to one thread I found: I'm a woman who thinks using a hammock for a bed is awesome and runs wearing Vibram FiveFingers. But then, it's not the first time; I was also a woman who rode and wrenched on motorcycles 20 years ago when that was rare enough for it to be an "adventure" to find gear in my size. I can't begin to tell you how many men almost dropped their bikes in shock at stoplights when they realized I wasn't a guy. Or how many on-the-spot marriage proposals I got. But I digress...so, anyway, hello!