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    For touching my skin, I prefer it to regular silnylon. Just an opinion. Silky soft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by islander View Post
    For touching my skin, I prefer it to regular silnylon. Just an opinion. Silky soft.
    +1 - It is soooo soft! The quilt looks amazing! I've been wanting a quilt made out of m90 for a while, but can't justify it since I already have a great quilt. Now if I can convince my wife that she needs a quilt...
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    M90 is 0.9 oz per square yard. Standard material is 1.1 oz per square yard. A quilt takes roughly 6-7 square yards of material (note 36"x36" yards, not 36" by roll width yards) to make (depending on your dimensions).... so shell weight would be ~5.4-6.3oz for the momentum and ~6.7-7.7oz for shell weight. Not a huge difference in weight, but momentum is just so soft against the skin.

    My homebrew M90 TQ was recently the victim of an assassination attempt by a roving band of cub scouts. All I know is that 5 cubs were in my tent while I wasn't looking. When I found my damaged quilt, it was lying limply on the floor with feathers leaking out... gonna have to stitch that up before spring.

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