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    FS: Self-tensioning Guy Lines, Whoopie Slings, and Shackles

    SOLD: I've got a BRAND NEW set of 4 self tensioning guy lines to get rid of. All purchased from, all are made out of dyneema and is red color. The guylines sell for $11 each and I'd like to get my money back and I'll eat the shipping so let me know if you want to work out a deal.

    Also have a couple sets of extra whoopie slings and soft shackles still available. $16 per set of whoopies and $9.00 per set of shackles. Shipping included.

    SOLD: Guylines:

    Whoopie: (this one is for a hennessy also have the regular whoopies)

    Soft Shackles:
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    PM Sent to ya

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    Updating that the guylines are sold to taylo166. Whoopies and Shackles still available.

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