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This camping spot is right next to a cliff over looking the Pacific. It blows from every direction. I tried having some foliage around me. I about broke my neck trying to get out of the hammock, I found a ditch I did not know was there, and the plants made it very difficult to move, since they were all wind blown. I have a serious heart condition that makes it hard to breath, in the wind. So, in the future I will stay out of the foilage. I am making a Typhoon type rainfly, I love this spot, and I intend to solve the H2O situation. Rain splashes up from the foliage, or ground. The tarp I put on the ground did not help with the water splashing up. I am short so hanging higher is not going to work for me. This trip I had my rainfly close to the hammock, however, the rain still came on in.

The storm did have very high winds, they did lots of damage, from what the news said tonight. As near as I can tell the wind whips around, from the south then from the Ocean, then the east. The normally the wind comes from the west. When it is storming any direction is fair game.

I will play with the suggestions made here, and see if I can have a dry night in this spot.
Still not sure which tarp you are using, is it the small HH diamond? In the conditions you are describing- wind shifting constantly and unable to have a sheltered site and maybe using the stock HH tarp- again I suggest trying an HHSS or something like it( folks are about split on the HHSS- some like it some don't like it at all). With this, you are really only depending on your tarp to block rain that is falling straight down. When I lay in this, the edges of the sil-nylon UC actually come up higher than where the hammock and net come together. For rain to get past that, it is actually going to have get under the tarp and come up and over the hammock onto the net. (And a slightly water resistant SS overcover will even be a little help with that if not too extreme) Those circumstances should be pretty darn rare.

I will never forget my last night of a week long trip, using both a hammock and HHSS for the 1st time ever. And I have told it often to folks with problems like yours. The only trees I could find (at the spot my tenter friends wanted to camp) were oriented so that my little HH tarp was open on the foot end towards the lake a few steps away. The wind was howling off of that lake right into the foot end of my tarp, most of the night, and it was at least in the 40s if not colder. Turns out my buddies were having a chuckle about how I was going to freeze my butt off. Turned out I was the only warm person that night, my buddies were cold and miserable rolling down hill and dealing with rocks/roots. Once I got past the noise of my tarp flapping in the wind, I never even knew it was windy at all. Snug as a bug in a rug all night, one of the best nights sleep I ever had. I was a happy camper next morning, surrounded by grumpy folks who had a miserable night.

Anyway, IMHO, your best approach might be some sort of at least water resistant sock or under cover, whether a HHSS or 2Q UQP or something home made. Other than that, a tarp big enough to mostly close the ends.