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    Little pre warning i am slightly drunk atm. I am planning on buying a hennessy hammock in the next few weeks when i have some money to see how it goes. Worse comes to worse ill cut the fly screen off and use it in my jeep. I really think with the small fly it will get rained on after doing some research. What about if i sealed it up and put a few vents along the side facing downwards? Would let the condensation escape and would still stop water getting in. I really truly hate setting camp up. Every second saved is a bonus for me. Especially when we get lost and its dark and raining when we get to camp. It would be amazing to be able to just pull up and hook both ends to a tree and fall asleep.
    Maybe it would be easier to modify a swag?

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    Quote Originally Posted by motas View Post
    I really think with the small fly it will get rained on after doing some research.
    It's called do whatever you want. But many people here can testify the stock tarp is sufficient _if_ you care to follow the learning curve. I don't quite understand how you can do the "research" and form field experience when you don't have the equipment. The HH has a very long history in the field and if the stock tarp is as bad as you seem to project if would not have lasted. If properly pitched (very quick and easy) it is all you will ever _need_ to stay dry.

    The stock tarp is designed to remain attached to the hammock and to be set up at the same time as the hammock is strung. Many of us don't use that system because if does not best suit our camping style. However, it seems like it would be a good match for what you want.

    Before you make plans based on imaginary data get the gear and play with it.

    I don't mean to sound harsh. However... the folks who have been responding are "experts" and might be worth listening to.
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    Motas, sounds like you want to rig up something like this: the Chrysalis Bridge hammock, or at least it's cover. It has some kind of venting system built in, not sure how well it works condensation wise. But I guess it must be OK.

    But I think this hammock has a coated ( waterproof) bottom. You want to know how to accomplish this with the HH. So keep in mind you will also have to protect the bottom from rain. To do that without some kind of tarp, which extends down closer to and is staked to the ground, you will have to some how waterproof the bottom of the hammock. Even with some small tarps, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep wind blown sideways rain from getting the hammock wet.

    An HH SuperShelter, with it's undercover, pretty much solves that on the bottom of the hammock, but still requires a tarp for the top. A top cover- or the stock tarp - could probably be rigged/modded to come down, cover the hammock and undercover and stay put in the wind without stakes, and you could enter through the bottom.

    But as others have said, condensation is going to be a real challenge. It is almost guaranteed to be a problem. Some people ( not all, and not me so far) already complain of this problem just trying to use the undercover, even when adding a vapor barrier/space blanket close to your body( should keep the SB warm and should = no condensation). But any condensation problems will likely be much worse above you than down in the undercover. Your warm exhaled vapor- plus what your body gives off 24/7 - rises. When it hits a cold enough layer(tarp, over cover), it will condense, just like it does on a wind shield. The less ventilation - which should move some of that vapor out before it can condense on the cold cover- the worse the problem.

    Any way, if you figure out a way to rig it up, let us know how it works! Always looking for new solutions around here.
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    I dont claim to have field experience but i did some googling and in heavy rain and wind some people have been rained on. I am still going to try it stock and see how it goes. I also didnt realize the stock tarp stayed attached to the hammock. Most of the people ive seen in videos have carried them seperately.
    If you click on all products it has a picture of the vent. I mean a few of them right near the head. Its exactly what they use on rooftop tents to prevent condensation.
    Ill do a quick drawing of my ideas to explain a bit better.
    Thanks and right now im thinking the bigger tarp will be a better option.

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    So here are my idea explained better.
    First is a one piece hammock which goes completely around you. It has a bottom entry like hennessy hammock and would be made from a waterproof material of some sort. Those little triangles are the vents near the head hobefully where condensation would escape from and would leave a bit of airflow. The problem i forsee (other than condensation) would be a very cold back because of the water running along the bottom.
    On to my second idea which is a modified hammock. Basically instead of getting a small light tarp made for camping. Just get a big waterproof piece of material and drape it over the top so it hangs down near the ground. Probably attach it to the hammock in a few spots to keep it from moving. It hopefully wouldnt need lines then since it would be held in place by the ridgeline and the hammock sides.
    Hopefully ive explained that well enough. Would either of these be a good idea? Would sticking with a normal hennessy hammock be better?
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