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    I have been thru some serious storms growing up in Oklahoma, and the only thing I ever worried about was branches or whole trees falling on the tent. After going thru a bad storm earlier this spring, I know that my wifes Cathedral tarp would have help up and kept me dry as long as the trees would last. If not, I agree, I would have found a small cave and hunkered down. We had a weird storm just in my neighborhood recently, it took my neighbor's behind me Tampoline about 50ft in the air, and landed it softly on their next door neighbors roof. In that kind of condition, I'm headed for safety

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incacamper View Post
    Wow, that was some storm. We had one blow through georgia that the news made out to be something like a cyclone, but when it got here it was just rain and some light wind. But for some reason a large healthy tree was blown down this morning in front of my neighborhood, odd??

    Anyhow, I have strong faith in my stock Hennessy hammock expedition tarp to keep me dry in Tornado like conditions
    The tree folks in Georgia predicted a couple of months ago that a lot of trees would come down in storms this year once they leafed out because of the drought damage.
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    I have found that strong winds DRIVE rain through siltarps...either that or the condensation on the inside is knocked off onto me...whatever, I'm gonna get damp...there is no set-up I have found that avoids this given a strong enough wind and serious rain...

    The strongest storm I ever experienced was along Lake Superior...a friend of mine reported, when I returned, that the Weather Channel said the area was experiencing sustained winds of 70mph...all I know is, in the screaming dark, I felt something light on my face and realized the tent poles were bending in the wind and the tent was brushing my face as I lay on my Thermarest...actually, this was my first 3 day solo trip and I had TWO of them I had OVER me...probably not very useful as protection but it did make me feel better...when the storm ended I had about 1/2 inch of water in the the way, the tent, a Eureka Backcountry 2, made it through unscathed...

    There is just some weather your set-up will not cover...I accept that...if it looks really bad I'm taking my hammock down and going to ground...

    By the way, BillyBob...I'm glad you made it through THIS storm in one piece....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youngblood View Post
    The tree folks in Georgia predicted a couple of months ago that a lot of trees would come down in storms this year once they leafed out because of the drought damage.
    Makes sense, I guess thats what happened. When I said the tree fell in front of the neighborhood, I meant that it fell right on the road where you enter the neighborhood at, kinda like a natural gate, lol. No other way to get out. Luckily there was enough room to squeeze through on the left. Guess We really better watch where we camp then, whether hanging or sleeping on the ground.

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    I was planning on hanging tonight in the State Forest but they are predicting potential severe storms with damaging hail and damaging winds. It may not happen... but then again... I think I'll stay put.
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    Try spraying your siltarp with some of that silicone waterproofing stuff. I got the idea from Ed Speer, and it does seem to stop the "misting."

    Your story reminds me of a night I spent in a Backcountry 2 with my boys on top of Buckeye Mountain. Ouachita ridges make their own wind, and all night the tent leaned one way, straightened for a bit, then leaned the other like something big was breathing on us. Eureka's Backcountry tents aren't fully flied, which is why they leak in really bad weather, but they're all right for car camping.

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    With my auto-tensioners I think my 11x10 would'a stayed put and kept me dry. On a hard line without any give it would pro'lly rip. Hey, I'm not sayin' I'd like to try those conditions though. Wow!

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