I have two hammocks, a HH Explorer Deluxe (bottom entry) and an ENO DN. I'm curious about your thoughts on which might be the better hammock to use in cold weather, assuming I'm using the same standard HH ranfly to retain warmth regardless of hammock choice.

Here's my thinking... On the one hand, the ENO is probably lighter to carry, and there's no need for the bug netting of the HH in the cold. But, could the HH bug netting contribute any to keeping in warmth? I feel like air circulation in warm weather in the HH is worse than the ENO due to the netting. Is it then logical to think that the HH would be better in cold weather at keeping warmth in? Or, should I go with the ENO to save the hassle of the bug netting?

Part of my reason for asking is I may be in the market for some sort of underquilt if I decide to do late season camping. I want to know in advance which hammock I should get the underquilt for...