Greetings from Central Florida!!!

I found my way here because of a mishap on my annual trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Wife and I were making a side trip beforehand, so I shipped all my gear up to my brother's place in Minn. UPS went OOPS and lost all my gear. Thankfully bro and the other guys on my trip were able to outfit me enough to go on a week's trip, but 7 days of sleeping on a leaky air mattress convinced me there had to be a better way. My gear did finally show up at his house, the day we came out of the woods. It looked like it'd been run over by a UPS truck.

My brother had an old HH 2.5 he'd used once years ago (we ain't gettin' any younger) so I called him up to ask why he'd only used it on that one trip. "Too cold" was his reply, so he shipped it down to me to let me try it out.

I only had 4 little problems my first night out.
1. I hung in my property facing the barn lite, which shone in my face all night long.
2. Bike Week in Daytona... I heard 'em roaring up and down the roads all night long.
3. Mr bear decided to come to my house for dinner. I scared the bejeebers out of him. Evidently Florida Black Bears aren't too familiar with the shape of a hammock!
4. Some minor CBS, which I've been studying to resolve here in the forums.

But, I'm a convert, I've seen the light, hallelujah!!! Ordered one of my very own and been trying to figure out how to convince my wife to let me set it up in the house. I'm sure that's a no-go, but a guy's gotta dream, right?

For someone with a kinky back, it's been the best nights sleep I could imagine.

I live at the south end of the Seminole Forest, so my neighbor and I will be doing a hike in before too long and I just can't wait.

Shug, if you read this, you're an inspiration. Thanks for all the info. Loved your BBQ vid on youtube. I'm also the envy of my peers for my pork butts. I think I use more rub than you do!!!

Regards to all and thanks for the great community.