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Welcome from the Jersey Shore! There's nothing worse than a quiet noob. You're supposed to ask a lot of questions so we can all help you, while at the same time laughing at you! I've asked so many stupid questions I can't count them.

A few forum members might be in your area December 9 to 11 for a Pine Barrens hike and hang. Friday 12/9 7.5 mile hike from Batsto Village to Lower Forge Wilderness Camp, then hike 7 miles to Batona Camp and spend the night there Saturday. Here's the thread:


Dylan and I are planning on hiking in during the daylight hours on Friday (1 to 3 pm), but a couple of members like Kayak Karl may hike in at night.

If you want to join us and try out hammocking, I can bring a hammock setup that will work for you if you're not taller than 6 ft. Kayak Karl and Dylan have some sweet gear, and we all have different setups for you to check out. If you're taller than 6 ft., somebody might have a hammock you can borrow.

If you don't want to hike, you can always just meet us at Batona Camp Saturday night. You can drive in from Rt. 206 turning off on Carranza Road.

This will be my third trip to the Pine Barrens in a month. I have a couple of trip reports here:



If you can't make it this weekend, the 5th Annual NJ Winter Hang will be Jan. 27-29, 2012 at Batona Camp. It could be cold, but HF members can likely loan you gear to stay toasty!

Welcome again!
hey thanks for all this info im a larger frame human lol im 6'2" and 275 lbs. lol i need to get myself some gear the will accommodate a guy of my size . CAN THIS EVEN BE DONE?