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    Quote Originally Posted by Str1der View Post
    Do you mind telling me where this site was? Was that the parking lot I saw in the background or did you have to hike in a ways?
    RF or HB could probably tell you better but from SC I took I-26 towards Asheville and got off on NC HWY 280. Then took a right onto N.Mills River road. There are alot of sites up there once the paved road ends.

    All of these sites are car camping but there are campsites along the trails as well
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    north mills road begins off of hwy 280, just behind the asheville regional airport.
    follow north mills into the north mills recreation area. follow the road through the area as it turns to gravel. a mile into it on the right was where that particular site was. but there are numerous sites all along the gravel road. and many more stealth sites all through the trail systems there.

    if you have a mt. bike, some the best singletrack riding on the east coast is to be found on those very trails !!!

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    Thanks for the video....Wish I could have been there. Pesky little thing called work got in the way . It would have been easy to find your camp...just look for the glow in the sky
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Thanks for the video....Wish I could have been there. Pesky little thing called work got in the way . It would have been easy to find your camp...just look for the glow in the sky
    Yeah...Joey knows how to make fire!!

    Joey.....I'm cold.
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    I tell ya what ... a pack of Gorge Rats can have a blast even when they're not in the Big Ditch! I was looking down at the front of that video when HB belched ... I knew that belch without even seeing who dun'it!

    Mighty fine flick!

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    That may not have been a belch. (if you know what i mean.)

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