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    Beware, I bought some grey and thought it was nysil, but those smarter than I say it is DWR.

    Apparently, if you can blow through it AT ALL, it is DWR. I went back and tested it again and I could BARELY sense any flow through the cloth.

    It sure looks pretty close to waterproof to me, though.


    You are right, it is tough to tell the difference, but I am pretty sure this is sil. It has the frayed edges as Jeff describes earlier, holds water overnight, and I cannot blow thru it. I think I got lucky this time. It also is identical to the sil that I purchased from a few months back and to the sil that my MacCat tarp is made of . . . now to figure out what I want to do with the stuff! Lots of possibilities but such limited sewing skills!!


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    Ive got a bolt of that as well, I think it is SIL.

    if it isnt, Ill spray it with silicone spray.

    its the slickest, crinklyiest stuff I have found.

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    so what is dwr good for?

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