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    BMBH: UQ with a Pad?

    Anyone ever tried an UQ with a Pad combination?

    I purchased a BMBH for my wife and I was thinking that adding a Thermarest Prolite pad to the setup, might provide some additional comfort. What say you?

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    daltontr. I have used a BA Insulated Air core 25"x75" (3/4 filled) with a HG 20* Incubator in sub-freezing temps.

    Jury is still out for me. I love how the mat spreads the BMBH out & the soft, cushy support beneath me. However, although rated below freezing and I have had it those temps successfully, it doesn't give you that nice warm, cozy feel that a down UQ does. In fact, even after getting your space warmed up it's still cool to the touch beneath you. Adding a down UQ helps but is still not as warm & cozy as using the UQ only.

    This is my experience & I have not experimented enough to claim I know what I'm talking about. Since I used the mat for stucture & comfort when using the UQ I may have too much air in the mat to benefit much from the UQ. A down insulated mat may be an improvement albeit expensive.

    If warmth is the objective JRB sells a CC Torso Pad for about $10. which I have but haven't tried yet with the UQ but believe it would work well for added warmth. It just won't give you much structure or cushy softeness. I much prefer it over the Wally blue pad which feels like a sheet of plywood to me & it packs smaller/lighter.

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    the BMBH has a pad pocket, and most any UQ will fit it perfectly. Your wife will no doubt sleep in comfort and warmth.

    Keep in mind, the thermarest doesn't cover the sides of the hammock, but the UQ should take care of that.

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