After 20+ years in Florida sharing the weather report in December with friends from more Northerly regions may still be my favorite activity. It is even better done while laying in my Hammock in the backyard. For the past few years I have been enjoying the fruits of having given the wife a birthday present of strategically placed trees thereby facilitating the placement of my long awaited Hatteras Hammock.

I always loved laying in a hammock as a kid, but my house was built on a former orange orchard that they removed all of the trees from when they built it. So after 15 years in the house and about 4 years after giving my wife her birthday present, I finally had my hammock.

Not that kind of Hammock forum you say? Got that... I recently (32 years later) got over an unpleasant experience in the Boy Scouts of bad leadership, bad boots, bad pack, etc. to find I want to be back in a more natural setting. Not just cycling through it at 20 mph on pavement, or kayaking the backwaters while pretending to have a reason I carry fishing gear in the kayak (**** fish are smarter than me more often than not), but with the whole family (wife and 2 teenage boys). Oddly enough they are all in agreement.

Then I find out the pup tent of yesteryear that I wouldn't put a dog in can be replaced by a Hammock!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!

Not long into that discovery I found this site. What a great resource. From the autopsy of a HH to share with everyone how they do it... to a video on alcohol stoves. This place is great.

Thanks for putting up this site.

Oh yeah. After reading quite a lot in the DIY section, I figured many smarter people than me are still tinkering around trying to replicate a HH. So i figured I would start with a real one before I scare the wife and sit down at her sewing machine. It arrives Thursday. Can't wait.

As for my opening comment, you northerners can just wait until May when the tulips are in bloom and it is absolutely gorgeous up north. Then you can have your turn while I count the 8 months where there isn't a day below 90. For those of you who think -10 F is beautiful, please seek help.