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    Question You know you should be sleeping... (tarp,topcover,poncho,emergency shelter)

    It's 10.30pm and you are playing with a paper mockup of a tarp. Worse, you are taking pictures of it. So I want to make a tarp for an asym hammock but I don't want it to be too big.

    Basically I want it to be:
    - Cover the hammock from rain (duh)
    - Cover from wind
    - Lighweight
    - I don't get wet when I am not in my hammock/making food/can storage extra stuff under the tarp
    - You can use it as a "topcover", or it's more of a topcover than tarp

    - Also works as a poncho
    - emergency shelter incase my hammock happens to break for some reason and I can't spend the night in it.

    I came up with a rectangular tarp with triangles attached to the foot end and to the opposite side of the top tie-out. Could this work? Has someone already made a tarp like this? I imagined I would only need 4 tie-outs with this and if planned well two of the tie-outs could use the asym tie-outs. The tarp itself would go to the ridgeline of the hammock (either a channel in the fabric for the cord or just 2-3 loops from fabric to keep it in place). Although this could be a problem because at the moment the ridgeline of my hammock is inside the hammock.

    Then you could either keep it as a topcover, both sides close to the hammock. Or as a tarp both sides open (for this I probably couldn't use the asym tie-outs) or one side open, attaches with a soft shackle/biner to the tie-out. It is the tarpcover!

    Here is some pictures I took and yes I am serious with this
    Attached Images Attached Images

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