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    The Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota

    1st Ever Black Hills of South Dakota Hang Aug. 17th & 18th

    So i know this is pretty far in advance, but i just booked the site and it got me all excited so i decided to post it now so people will have plenty of time to plan, my girlfriend said i should wait till after the 1st of the year.......i didn't listen

    heres' the nuts and bolts info

    where: Sheridan Lake Group Campsite SS1.....dead center of the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota

    when: august 17th and 18th, site for up to 55 people

    here are some pics of the site, you will notice all of the perfectly spaced trees in the pics of the campsite

    Obviously this date will work for some and not for others, but the chaos of the sturgis motorcycle rally is the first full week of august so that is obviously out. With all the other things going on in the hills we thought that this would be the best time for it, so we made an executive decision and reserved the site for that weekend.

    if you think you will be able to make this 1st ever black hills hang, post in this thread any questions you might have or any other information that you think i should post and i will

    here's a link to the home page for the Black Hills Forest if you want to check out some other info

    and a map of the area

    here is a link with the hiking trails in the area

    spreadsheet link, if you are planning to attend or are a maybe put yourself down so we will have and idea of a count

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    7th Annual Black Hills Hang, Sheridan Lake SD, Aug 23. 24. 25

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