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    WTB Cammenga Mil Lensatic Compass

    Most interested in the Tritium model (3H) however I would also certainly consider the Phosphorescent model 27.

    Will be happy to either buy or trade depending, but Iam looking for a model still in good mechanical condition. (not something you were issued at OCS 29 years ago and has been beat to hell and hen thrown in a draw kinda thing)


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    If you are affiliated in any way with a local Scout troop get them to contact Cammenga. They had a program for Scouts to get as many as you want for a $10 deposit each.
    The troop get to use them for 60 days and then return them for a refund of the $10 each, or buy them for $45 each or so.

    Our troop got them a couple of years ago to work on mapping and orienteering in Sept & October and a bunch of the parents wanted to buy them for Christmas presents.
    The units we got were supposedly "blems" but I couldn't find any flaws in them and they all looked brand new . Certainly better shape than the ones I was issued at various time in my 20+ years as a Marine.
    These compasses are genuine US Military Tritium Lensatic Compasses (Model 3H – either refurbished or new – all in perfect working condition). They feature tritium micro lights and “glow in the dark”without the use of batteries or flashlight.
    Comes with the regular issue pouch as well.

    From the Cammenga Website ( ) FAQ's
    Are any special promotions available to groups other than Boy Scouts?
    Yes, we can offer most established scouting groups a similar program. Please contact with your requests.
    Is CAMMENAGA affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America?
    CAMMENGA is not affiliated nor has any relationship with the Boy Scouts of America. The BSA does not benefit financially from participation in this program. The BSA has not provided any membership information (including names, addresses, or membership status) to CAMMENGA, nor has it endorsed this Compass Program. Rather, this is a program CAMMENGA has instituted in support of, and as an outreach to, the BSA, Scouts and Scout leaders.

    Who do I contact concerning special offers for Boy Scouts?
    Please email us:

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    Thanks for the help Dvl Dog, I qualify for LE/Mil discounts, so I wounder if they offer any deals that way.

    If not, I am teaching a group of boyscouts BLS in a few days, Im gonna call the scout master and see about him doing me a favor.


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