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    The rope used was a loop of Dyneema and was about the same lenght as the stock ropes...about 24" long. I used an Albright knot to join the two ends Animated Albright knot Once the rope was formed into a loop I simply fed it through the channel. This gives one loop on each side of the hammock. I then attached the rings with a larks head. Repeat for the other end. I have since removed this set up from the ATHH and applied it to my HALO SE prototype using cinch buckles from On Rope 1.
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    Knot help

    Alex, thanks for the reply but I am still missing something. How do you tie the larks head with the loop through the channel?

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    Actually, I think I got it. Did you pull the whole hammock through?

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    The ropes on the version 2 are different, and I have hung several times in the hammock with no problems. I wanted to include that info in this thread, so anyone reading it wouldn't get turned off thinking they were going to have to modify their hammock, and thus, would avoid considering it based off of that fact. The new rope is more stiff, and seems to be made of a material that is more firm. Also, it is a smaller diameter rope that is a covered core. Seems to work well so far, although I probably just jinxed myself!

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