The best way I can describe my name is by how I feel about my outdoorsman experience.
I grew up in northern WI and so have have hunted and fished my entire life without putting much thought into it. Now that I am older (27) and more patient I tend to research the crap out of everything I do and buy.
So at one point in my life I was perfectly comfortable doing all of my outdoor activities without much thought. Now I read all of the "right" ways of doing things such as patterning deer, targeting certain species of fish, buying a certain rod and reel for each species and water type, buying better gear because of reviews, and traveling further distances to target certain game. With all of this new gear and new knowledge I actually feel more awkward as a "sportsman" because I am always questioning my gear, position, and decision making.

I'm not sure if that makes sense to anyone. It's hard to explain a feeling like that I guess.