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    I used a 12.5' piece of lawson's Ironwire for my ridgelines. After splicing in a tarp cross on one end and larks heading them to the d-ring they are probably just over 11' . I use the wrap around method the forms a V for the suspension to pass through and commonly use most of that length. I have not yet needed any extensions.

    For my corner tieouts I again went with 12.5' (50' cut in 4 sections) of Lawson's Glowire. Honestly it is way more than I need. Usually there is 3-8' of line left over depending on how I pitch the tarp; dependent on weather.

    For my doors I used the remaining 25' of Ironwire divided evenly; 6.25' each. From those I created whoopie slings that adjust from 1-5'. These are connected then to a short section of shockcord (12") that wraps around the tree. The whoopies hook on with mitten hooks. This has worked well and usually there is less than 18" of tail hanging out of the whoopies.

    I have yet to find a system for the pannel pulls that I am happy with. I'm considering another hybrid whoopie/shockcord system. I will not comment on the current length of those lines at this time.

    So for me my entire rigging (minus pannel pulls) is comprised of 50' of Ironwire & 50' of Glowire. I just hate to waste cordage and a couple extra ounces is worth the weight to me. I know, if need be, that I have extra there if I needed it for something or a line got damaged.
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    8' braided mason line! 10' for side pull outs!

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    I go with 2 arm spans for guy lines and pulls outs.

    I'm 5'9" so that gets me around 11'6" roughly. I'm not too concerned with the weight of a couple feet of Lashit that I may not use.
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    I decided to go with...

    Ridgeline: (1.9mm) Tech Line from backwoodsdaydreamer
    guylines: hammock opening - 6' (1.5mm) Spectra from Zpacks with micro line locs
    hammock shelf area - 4' (1.5mm) Spectra from Zpacks with micro line locs
    3 extra extension pieces at 5' a piece

    In my 3 years of hammock camping and backpacking I have never come close to using 8' of guyline. Even in porch mode. I used to use the Nite Ize Figure 9 Reflective guyline set.

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