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    zliner vs underquilt

    Ok, its down to the wire. Ive just been invited to a winter weekend camping trip, and i want to use my nx-250 on it.

    This is a car camping trip, so I can be somewhat redundant in gear and figure out what works

    I have a 30 degree (with 0 degree "addon") sleeping bag

    I have some of the heavyweight resusable "space" blankets

    I have various therma rests

    I do not have an underquilt or zliner. It will probably be in the 30s. (devils lake wisconsin, mild winter so far, snowing today though!)

    a) do I need a liner/UQ at these temps, with the other gear I have, and stuffed pockets?
    b) I may in the future get a vertex, if I can continue to get the wife to camp. Obviously in this scenario the UQ works out better as it is compatible
    c) zliner seems nice because it is integrated, and just one thing to pack and setup
    d) ???

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    I have several nights with 19-22 deg lows so far Im just using a pad with a light sleeping bag to lay on and a heavy bag on top like a top quilt. I havent put anything in the pockets other than like my stuff sacks and such. I have stayed nice and warm and think I could go at least to the mid or low teens. Downsides are the pad can slide around and the 2 bag thing is pretty bulky so Im sure I will end up with an under quilt.

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