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    Don't Laugh, they're free! - Hillbilly Tyvek Tarp Doors

    I got a little bored today, so I whipped up some Tyvek Tarp Doors/ Grizz Beaks for my BMJ out of a roll of tyvek I've had lying around for a few years:

    Dimensions are as follows:

    The vertical is 50" tall, the bottom is 40" long, and the side, or hypotenuse is 64" long, but I measured out 8" from the center of this line, and placed a point. I cut along a line from the corners to this point 8" out. This is what I use to connect the shock cord tie out to keep it sealed to the tarp. I gave myself seam allowances of 1" all around.

    I didn't have any tyvek tape around, so I just folded the edges over and ran a line of zig-zag stitches down each side. I used some grosgrain strips as reinforcements at each corner and added smaller grosgrain loops as tie-outs.

    Each door weighs 2.00 oz, or 57 grams. I figure that they're free, easy, light, and keep the wind and snow out (they aren't intended to keep driving rain out). I'm gonna have my daughter (who is functioning as the "center stake" in the picture above) crumple them up and open them a bunch of times to soften them somewhat and keep them less noisy.

    They'll get a shake down next weekend at the Ohio hang.

    What do ya think?
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