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    0* Leighlo UQ Test

    The other night here in central PA the mercury dipped down to a crisp 13 with a bit of windchill. I took the opportunity to test my new UQ. Being that I do almost all of my hanging while backpacking, I tried to simulate normal backpacking conditions best as possible.

    To Replicate the lower temps found in the woods as compared to the city, I did not hang my tarp. In cold windy conditions I would hang my tarp almost always, but Being on the 3rd story balcony sheltered on 3 sides I decided to embrace the wind.

    I wore what I would in the woods... light/mid weight baselayer, lightweight convertible pants, fleece top, lightweight merino socks, beanie, and my Goosefeet Down Socks. I love the goosefeet! I would normally wear a balaclava to sleep, but could not find mine.

    I use a Grand Trunk ultralight that I modified. A 3 season down Topquilt and small section of pad for the footbox. The Leighlo is a 0* 60" long tapered cut undequilt. Leigh made a tapered cut 3s quilt for me more than a year ago, and found that her design was inovative in the way it snugged the hammock. I think other vendors are using that design now, but I never heard of it before her. She also has a unique attachment method that makes for a much easier setup than some others I have tried. Each point of contact can be adjusted on its own, and the quilt doesn't just slide along shockcord when you don't want it too. When it's in place, it ain't moving. Also, it is 60" and only weighs 21oz for a winter. I know HGs winter is listed at 21oz for a 54" 0* quilt... I don't know how its done, but I got an extra 6" for the same weight. Awesome!

    The final temp that it was when I awoke was 12* with some light wind. I slept great all night! The 3 season TQ could've been a little warmer, but the UQ was hot. I have full confidence that this quilt would get me to 0*. The only part of me that was cold was my face in the abscence of my clava.

    Basically the quilt is sweet, and leigh will get alot of business from me going forward. Perfect length, great attachment method, light weight for what it is, completely affective, and cheaper than almost all other options. The wait time was 30 days start to finish, but other vendors can be much longer, and it arrived when promised.

    Hope this review was helpful!
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