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    Family hammock (Hammocks Rada)

    I really have my sights set on buying a hammock this year. I love to hang out in the back yard, and I'd like to take "hanging out" literally. I would like one big, and strong enough, to hold two adults....and maybe even my son if it can hold enough! I have a lot to figure out, since we have a LOT of trees behind the house (woods, actually), but no trees suitable to hang a hammock on. So I would either have hubby put in some poles, or I would consider a project I've always wanted to do...clear out a small clearing in the trees, off of the yard, and put in some sort of woodland garden, and perhaps hang my hammock there.

    But really, my question is, what kind of hammocks out there have such a weight capacity? I was looking at hammocks last year and was really sold on the "Hammocks Rada" website. Are these decent hammocks? I would be willing to put the hammock up when I want to use it...they're lightweight enough!

    I'm totally new to this, I've never had a hammock before, and the only one I've ever been in is the type with the spreader bars...but these mayan hammocks look so comfortable!

    Any input on Hammocks Rada, or other places I should look?

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    First of all welcome to the site. You will find a lot of useful information here as well and more importantly great people. First big question is what are you looking to do with the hammock with all of you in there. Are you lookin for just swing for a little. It in the backyard or are you looking to use one hammock to go camping in that will fit you and your family?
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    Hammocks Rada is a fine company to do business with and I have done so many times. They are my primary source for low and mid range Mayan style hammocks. They offer some higher-end models on occasion, but their primary line is low to mid range quality Mayan hammocks. By that, I don't mean they sell 'cheap' hammocks, just that they use materials that make for affordable hammocks. Some of the high-end Mayans can cost upwards of $400; uber comfortable.

    I have had 4 adults in one of my large Mayans from Hammocks Rada; wasn't an issue. If I remember right, the large hammocks are rated for about 800lbs. Out of the probably 10 hammocks I've ordered from them, I had one 'bad' hammock sent to me. A few of the strands were broken upon delivery. I contacted them (not the easiest thing in the world) and they took care of the problem by sending me a replacement and instructed me to keep the 'bad' hammock. They also assured me that the broken strands were mostly cosmetic and the hammock would still be fine for normal use. Although, they did hedge their bet a bit by saying that it would be best to use the hammock for a single occupant.

    I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with Hammocks Rada and they are usually the first place I recommend for someone looking to give the Mayan style hammocks a test-nap. Excellent company with good quality products and great prices.
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    Thanks Cannibal...I really am new to hammocks, so I didn't know how theirs sized up. And although they give a weight capacity, I wasn't sure how true that was, either. I will gladly take other suggestions as well, but I like the looks and color options of theirs, so if other places that provide a better hammock is known, I'd be glad to look into them. I don't want to spend $400 on a hammock, but don't mind spending more than what theirs are. Perhaps it would be best for me to get a cheaper one in the beginning, to see how much we'll actually use it.

    We don't a hammock for us would be just for backyard use. Just to lounge in. We have a small farm, and don't get away for camping, vacations, etc with animals to care for, so I'd like to be able to relax in my own backyard! =)

    Thanks for the welcome!

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