heres a review of a sleeping bag with great features- ability to wear around camp----
and one that translates to an extremely versatile piece of kit - esp. for us
hammockers. : pod system, top bag, camp wear

Feathered Friends Winter Wren
850 fill down
EPIC fabric shell
34 oz.
20*F rating

kinda heavy compared to a top quilt, but,
add up UQ & TQ offering equal coverage and temp range, and you're
saving weight, roughly ~6oz.

a lot of folks are using their sleeping bags in this fashion, but the wren excels in its
wide, mostly rectangular cut, drawstring bottom stock and unique hood design. i've seen the wren series modded with a full zipper by HF member
Turk. i bet this would make it really great (similar to the exped dreamwalker). it kinda 'locks you in', so if you're a bigger human... it might not be the best option - maybe something like speer pod would be better.

but i love the versatility. well-built, quality right here in the seattle, US.