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    Wet Wiggys

    A while back I tested some of my Polarguard clothing, actually a Bozeman Mountain Works (BPL) ~ 13 oz hooded WPB jacket. I think the test was something like soaking the jacket with a few cups of water in the sink, squeezing out and wearing on a ~ 1-2 mile hike in light rain/snow/wind. I thought the results were quite good to excellent, and the garment was bone dry inside at the end of the hike, and warm enough. I think I did this a couple of different times.

    The subject of Wiggy's comes up every now and then. Awfully heavy stuff compared to what is usually used by folks at HF. The one thing I have never been able to figure out is exactly how Wiggy's is different than other PG clothing/bags. I know he uses the Lamilite, which if I understand is simply Polarguard type insulation glued to the shell rather than sewn or quilted. I think he was just using PG and I know he is now using Climashield. For which it is claimed that NO quilting or gluing is needed, so I'm wondering: is Wiggy still doing the Lamilite thing? And how could Lamilite or any other method of stabilizing insulation make Wiggy's stuff out perform the exact same insulation material to the degree he claims it does? And to the degree some people in his testimonals seem to think it does? ( there is a current thread here about Climashield, which has a link to Whiteblaze, which has a guy ranting about Wiggy's superiority to all other PG or CS- which got me looking into this again)

    Any way, here is a really wild video on the subject where some one took the testing I did with my clothes to the next level and then some:

    Actually, I don't know how I got on that Whiteblaze thread, but here it is:

    Notice the comments of Lukebaugh. To wit: all other synthetic bags- cept Wiggys- are junk. Actually, this might be Wiggy posting!
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