I've had several Wiggy's bags and clothing items. I like them but they do tend to be a little heavy. I believe his primary market though is far from the UL backpacker and more towards military or similar consumers. Like most things in order to make them more durable you pay a weight penalty.

I believe the temp ratings on the bags have been pretty spot on but the weight/bulk means for me they're reserved strictly for car or kayak camping. I do like the added security of using a synthetic in a wet environment (potential kayak/canoe dump). If I have to hump it on my back then my down bags will come along.

I don't see a lot of innovation in the products. He basically has a somewhat unique insulation product that is repackaged in a variety of simple bags/garments. I've seen a thread on here lately about a lamilite UQ but not much info from the users. I believe if Wiggy had the desire to make a TQ/UQ combo for a variety of temp ranges it would be great product, just not one you'd want to hike with.