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Thread: Video: Lost!

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    This may sound stupid, but trying my best to get lost on purpose is how I used to train with map and compass. But not WAY stupid because I could not really get dangerously lost, all I would have to do is follow a known setting back to where I would at least hit a road in the general vicinity of where I parked.

    But, I would hike in - maybe on a compass course to start with, but then just following the contours of the land- for a mile or two until I really had no idea where I was on the topo map. Then I would just take my time, orient the map, and see what landmarks I could come up with. Very hard to do in the middle of the MS woods, much easier out west. Much better land marks usually. But around here? Get the map oriented, then maybe find some streams or at least drainages and/or ridge lines, take a compass reading on them, and see if I could find some drainages/ridgelines on the map which would line up well with the ones where I was at.

    Then once I felt I might have a good idea where I was, I'd mark the bearing on my map back to the truck and take off through the woods. Hopefully (usually) I'd pop out of the woods close to my truck.

    This is what I call fun. And superb training. If you can find your location on the map in the middle of these woods and flat land, the mountains or out west are going to be a snap. And in the mountains with map, topo plus altimeter, things gets REAL easy. At least if you have plenty of practice when it is not dangerous. Kind of like testing your insulation and windy weather tarp pitching skills in the back yard or at a campground where you can bail if it all goes awry!

    Of course, a GPS - especially loaded with maps, negates any need for all of this. Then again, I have had GPS die on me. So I still want that map and compass as back up.
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    interesting, very interesting.

    liked the music a LOT. could you give us a list of the songs/artists?

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    almost got caught out on a dayhike as well over in Indiana with the GF. Started late afternoon and thought the trail just went down to the lake and back.. followed it for a couple hours thinking the lake must just be on the other side of this hill or that bend.. never came and never got down to the lake. No switchbacks either. No map. Didn't want to look psycho so I just had a canteen and a folder and a space blanket and fire starting all in a small molle canteen pouch. The ONE TIME I didn't take my JIC gear, I was going to need it. Luckily stumbled across a utility road and we were able to make our way back but still came out after dark. Had to use my keychain flashlight because I didn't bring a headlamp either.

    Needless to say, even on dayhikes, I still pack the minimum I'd need for a decent nights stay, usually just a top quilt, water purifier, cook kit, small saw and a buck 110 along with my ripstop cot, so worst case I can work a frame for it and get off the ground. always take extra food, cause you never know and I HATE being hungry, probably moreso than being tired. Oh, and a small handreel fishing kit I made out of a .99 cent travel toothbrush case. Bobber and tackle all store inside. With that kit I have %100 piece of mind that I'm prepared for the worst case short of critical injury.

    Great video, really lets you know just how easy it can be for it to happen to YOU.
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    you become part of the wildlife for a while, but luckily retrieved yourself an educational vid!

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    "A mite bewildered."

    "A mite bewildered."

    That's what Daniel Boone is rumored to have said when he didn't know where he was!

    You were incredibly well prepared and calm.

    That in it's self is a great lesson for beginners.

    Thanks for sharing your "lost" video.

    Happy Trails.
    " . . . there's no easy trail to Cache Lake, for it is protected by distance, mile after forgotten mile of woods and water, and it is still clean and clear and safe from civilization." John J Rowlands from Cache Lake Country

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