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    SOLD: WBBB 1.7 DL with straps [cheap]

    WBBB 1.7 Dbl Layer with double end bishop bag, straps, d-rings and Warbonnet branded carabiners.

    $130.00 shipped

    Here's the deal.

    Bought this hammock on a whim on Ebay. Got it and found a tear in the mosquito net just above the seam at the footbox.

    Picture below.

    Otherwise in great shape.

    Brandon may be able to repair, but I don't really NEED the hammock.

    If you [the buyer] want to contact Brandon about repairing it, I can ship it directly to him on your behalf.

    PayPal works for me.

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    Pretty darn good buy. I'd just sew that sucker up myself by hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    Pretty darn good buy. I'd just sew that sucker up myself by hand.
    Yep. If I was going to keep it to use myself, a needle and thread would fix it enough for me.

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    Hammock is sold pending funds via PM from a new member.

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    Dibs if it falls through

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    Hammock is sold and paid for. Thanks.

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    Thanks inspectorguy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaliska View Post
    Thanks inspectorguy!

    Thank you back!

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