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I think it would be very difficult to release if you did get it tight enough.

Would this be a continuous ridgeline or a whoopie for each end? How big will your trees be and how far apart? How will you attach the whoopie to the trees?
Having tried to use a whoopie on the tarp ridgeline, I agree that it darn near impossible to get it taut enough. You'll find yourself with the Amsteel in your teeth so you can use two hands on the adjustable loop. I was advised against using a whoopie for hanging the tarp, but I didn't listen.

I ended up with a Zing-It 2.2 mm continuous ridgeline using Nite-Ize Knotbone and Figure 9 like Opie's vid here.

You can also use Dutch Tarp Flyz and Dutch Hooks from http://www.outdoortrailgear.com/tag/dutchware/