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    Looking for input/advice...

    I know that there are quite a few people on here that live in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. I may have an opportunity to move to the Lexington area for work. I work in big box retail. I currently live outside of Huntsville, Al. in the foothills of the Appalachians. We love it here but to promote, I have to be willing to move and I am. As a side note, my wife is from Wythe County, Va. and still has family in that area so we would be close to them. My family is split between the Washington D.C. area and Raleigh so we would also be closer to them. I am just looking for input about the area and the proximity to good backpacking including the A.T. Also, what is the nearest decent sized airport to Lexington? Oh, and I do LOVE BBQ of any style!!! That has to be a plus for this area!!!
    Thanks for any input you all may be able to give.

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    Airports near Lexington, well, you have both GSO and CLT.

    It is not hard to get to Wytheville from there. Mt Rogers is probably 2 hours, plus 40 minutes away. That is one of the closer AT points. Let us know when you make the move.
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    Thanks for the input DavyRay. I'll keep you posted.

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    Not sure what you're used to and what kind of hiking opportunities exist where you live currently, but I moved down here from Charlottesville, Va. (some of the most beautiful hiking locations you could ever imagine in close proximity) and it has been a real bummer compared to what I was used to. This place is basically flat as a pancake and pretty boring scenery-wise, unless you think strip malls are scenery.

    Not trying to be a downer, just trying to let you know what to expect. There is good hiking here I am told, but you have to drive a ways to get to it which takes more planning and time. That's why I completely got out of hiking/camping when we moved down here and instead I got into cycling. I'm now gearing up to get back into the backpacking scene because I miss it so much (it's been 14 years).

    I'm going to spend some time in the Uwharrie national forest, which isn't too far from here, doing a few shake down cruises so to speak. There is also Mt. Rogers, the AT, and the Pisgah national forest, but I have not been to any of them yet.


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    Mt. Pleasant near Buena Vista! Excellent hiking and hanging opportunities up and down the mountain. Plus, the AT crosses the access road.

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