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    Camo bug net

    Just testing the waters. I got some camo netting in the hunting section at wm on Clearence and was wondering if anyone had used it for a DIY bug net. If so how good was it for that application. It seemed pretty good so I got it and will give it a try. Now I have to figure what style of bug net to make.


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    I've used it on two hammocks so far and it works well. First one I made was a take off on the sclittlefield design for a removable bug netting with built in pockets on the sides. The second is a permanently attached bugnet based on a WBB sans the footbox.(couldn't deal with the side wall so took out the box). Either way am happy with the results for both. Some people complain about sand midges or something like that, guess it might be some little buggy critter that can scoot thru netting that isn't micro sized. Not an issue around here thou.

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    Good deal. Thanks for the info. Glad to hear it holds up. I think I am going to go with a separate net just in case I want to go without sometime.

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