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    Best Weekend Hike n Hang?

    Just moved a half year ago from Knoxville. My brother in law and I are looking for the best SE weekend trip 2-4 day trip that has a high level of difficulty. Basically looking for a trip that will push us a bit more thank usual, good water crossings, exposure, and great rewards. All suggestions are very welcome.

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    I've heard the John Muir Trail in the Big South Fork is a pretty intense trail. It's around 80 miles, so that would be a grueling 4 day hike. There are lots of hikes in the BSF that you could check out.

    You are also not to far from the Smokies and the AT.
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    The Art Loeb Trail in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, NC is a pretty challenging hike from what I've heard. You may want to check it out. You may also want to give some consideration to the Fires Creek Rim trail.
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    How is the Jacassee Gorge area? It looks really cool, but wondering how the experience would be?

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