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I added doors to a JRB 11x10 tarp, you should be able to add
them to an SWT. I'd advise making a wide enough hem
on the door material so that you can be sure that when you
sew it to the hem on the SWT you're sewing through both
hems, e.g., multiple layers of material on both the hammock
and the door.

I've got plans in the works for a sort of removable door for both a hex tarp
and rectangular tarp. I hope to have that done with some experience
gained in July.

I use the same thread for silnylon as for other nylon,
polyester thread I got from Speer's, a huge (but now
diminishing) cone of it.

Grizz, what are you using for attachments on your removable doors? I've been tossing ideas around in my head for something similar for extenders/doors on the Clark Tarp, and trying to keep to the k.i.s.s. protocol. I am trying to avoid zippers or velcro - maybe using hook and bar or ring and bar attachments. They would be infinitely lighter than anything else I can think of, and easier to sew. Any comments? I know you've used the hook and eye approach on your UQ.