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    CLOSED: Hennessy Hyperlight with Cinch Buckles

    I decided that I'd like to try a ground tarp setup, so I'm selling my Hennessy Hammock Hyperlight with cinch buckle mod.

    The hammock and fly are in great condition, only used for 2 nights.

    I have 6ft black polyester webbing tree huggers from strapworks, which go to the OnRope1 cinch buckles. It also comes with 2 Camp Nano Wire biners as well.

    The only caveat, when I was first putting the cinch buckle setup on, one of the prussik knots on the side was uneven and subsequently when I sat in it I ripped the nylon sheath of the stock hennessy spectra cord about 2.5ft from the hammock. So I just clipped it off, retied an even prussik and it's good to go. So one side of the hammock has the full length spectra and the other has about half the stock length.

    I'll include the stock HH tree huggers as well.

    I'm gonna be posting this on a few other forums, so I'd like to get inquiry's at to keep it organized but I'll be checking for inquiry posts frequently.

    $145 shipped.

    Hennessy Hyperlite with Cinch buckles

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    Price drop to $125
    Hennessy Hyperlite with Cinch buckles

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    what kind of ground setup u lookin 4 i got a brand new never slept in solo tent maybe we work somethin out

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