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    New Hennessy Hammock, deep jungle. Got some questions about storing, etc.


    So I just got my deep jungle HH. Havent tried it out yet, but I bought 4 rappel rings and planned on doing the rappel ring suspension thing.

    I read somewhere that the ropes on the hammock could get damaged from the rappel rings? Is this true for the deep jungle version?

    Im also wondering, when I pack my HH in the snakeskins(with tarp and all) It gets really tight. When I then wrap the sausage to get it into the bag, it gets really squeezed. Can this damage the hammock in any way if I store it like this over a long time?


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    I would recommend packing the tarp seperate to keep your hammock dry. You may want to get snake skins (Mesh) for your tarp. I love my DJ.
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    Deep jungle HH

    Well I bought and tried the rappel rings and used them twice. Whoopie slings is now my 1st choice without any regrets. I carry my tarp in DIY netting snake skins to both save weight and allow the tarp some air if put away wet. The tarp and snake skins are stowed in an outside pocket on my pack, easy & quick access if raining. My hammock is stowed with tree straps in a stuff sack.
    When off the trail I stow tarp and hammock in a large plastic tote to allow the material to relax and, hopefully, minimize wrinkles and creases.
    Good luck

    Oh, I also purchased one of Hammock Gear's excellent cuben tarps to replace the smallish stock HH tarp.

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    I always suggest storing any hammock, tent or any general item like this in a loose manner while being stored. You always have some moisture no matter how dry the trip, and long term storage if damp could lead to mildew.

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