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    First DIY Down UQ

    Just tested my first down underquilt last nite out in my back yard. It got down to 23*F with a slight breeze. No tarp doors on the hex tarp, but did pull the hammock sock up about half way. That was the end the breeze was coming from. Slept warm all nite. WHY did I wait so long to do a down UQ??? Many thanks to Stormcrow at Hammock Gear and all of Hammock forums. It was so nice to stuff hammock, UQ & all into backpack & have tons of space left in pack (no more synthetic UQ's). Again thanks Adam & Jen.


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    Forgot to mention - The pics are in my gallery - I don't know how to post them into this thread.


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    DIY down UQ (Yipee
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    Congrats. That is one of my next investments . . . Maybe for my upcoming B Day

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    That's awesome dude! You should bring'em out on the Zaleski hang beginning of March
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    I am still waiting for mine from HG it will be 3 weeks on monday so I can tell I am getting close to holding the beauty in my hands! I wish I was as crafty as some of you DIYers!

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    Nice job! Did you follow any particular guide to make this?

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    hfmac - I put together several different ideas from other designs here on HF in a sketch that I showed to Stormcrow. He helped out with some suggestions that made it do-able, esp. the corners on the outer layer. He also took the time to show me his patterns - big help with giving me confidence in what I had in mind for my UQ. The baffle height turned out to be about 1/2" more than I had planned - had to add more down to get it to fill out the way I wanted it to. But it should be good down to below zero ( about 5-6" of loft!).
    I didn't use grosgrain around the edges - just rolled the seam allowance for channels. Seems to work ok so far.

    Thanks Slo. I should be able to make Zaleski. It will be nice not to have to carry the extra weight of my old UQ & thermorest.

    Hammockman - I know Adam is turning out UQ's - yours should be soon! They are things of beauty.



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