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    First hang tonight.

    all setup for my first overnight hang. Me and my 3 year old will be hanging bunk bed style in GT Ultralights. I finished everything yesterday, Whoopie slings, arrow shaft toggles and winter tarp. Hopefully everything goes good, this is a test for next weekends Pa hike and hang on the AT.

    Can't get photos up, I'll try later.

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    Can't wait to find out how it goes! Sweet dreams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemcc View Post
    Can't wait to find out how it goes! Sweet dreams.
    Thanks. I think it will be ok. Sleeping with pads and bags.

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    Awesome! How cold is it gonna be tonight? Hope yawl enjoy

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    Well, we came in early.. There was a few problems with the hammock setup and many problems with the neighborhood, it is really loud in town!! The first problem was my tarp. I used my son's swing set and a fence post to hang from, but the swing set moved everytime I laid down. I used some long rope and tied it off to the other end of the yard and thought I had it secure. However when I got back in the hammock the tarp would get loose, then it blew around in the breeze.

    Next problem was with my hammock, I didn't pitch it as tight as usual due to the bunk bed setup and not using trees. I couldn't get very comfortable, it felt like a banana. I did fall asleep several times but kept being awoken by noises or the tarp blowing.

    The good news is we were both warm. It was 29 degrees with a light breeze. I used a thermarest pad and 0 degree Kaycee bag, Little Man used a ridgerest and 25 degree REI zonk, plus a light down throw.

    I need to make a hammock stand or at least get out to some real trees and try it again.

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    I'm sorry to hear that you had troubles with the setup, but at least you got out there, that's what counts. I can certainly understand city noises being too loud. I have a fairly busy road behind my house and I'm awoken constantly throughout the night by sounds of loud vehicles driving by. Nothing is as good as hanging from a pair of trees, but sometimes we have to use what we've got.
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    Just went Whoopies

    Why you do not use earplugs, the soft yellow ones, to block the noises out?

    - I use them in tent, on sailboat and most propably will pack them with me on hammock trips as well.

    BR. Simo

    PS. I do carry an extra fresh pair with me to borrow out, my "friends" sometimes claims that bears have been keeping noice on the woods at night...

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    Ok here is a few pictures of the setup.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewguy View Post
    I need to make a hammock stand or at least get out to some real trees and try it again.
    Here's some pics of one that I had built to use at home. I live in a townhouse with no trees in my tiny backyard.

    Check out my gallery for more photos of this rig.
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