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    Pleasant Valley, Colorado

    Here's my first wilderness report. Went with three ground dwellers to Pleasant Valley in the Rockies, a bit above 9000 feet. Daytime temps were low 70's though it felt much warmer in the sun. Nighttime temps in the high 30's.
    This site was a mere two miles down a moderate four wheel drive road.

    I had two hammocks, the Travel Hammock Skeeter Beater and the Double Wide. We (I'm trying to convert the ground dwellers) used the Skeeter Beater for a 'social' hang near where we hung out-pun not intended. I used the Double Wide modded with straps from Strapworks, binners and a double ring setup for sleeping next to the wife to assist in dog duties. Worked like a charm.

    I am new to this so I did the poor man's under insulation and as we were car camping I brought everything including the kitchen sink. Used a thermarest, mylar and synthetic comforter as well as a makeshift Garlington insulator that was a Coleman fleece blanket. Top quilt was a NF Big Kazoo. I was wearing tee-shirt, fleece vest, fleece shirt, sweat pants, fleece pants, regular socks and wool sleep socks.

    Bed time: Waaaaay too warm. I was hot! Was about 50* and my wife gave me a kiss and her face was cold while mine was hot. I shed the fleece shirt and pushed the sleeping bag to my waist and watched the stars, even one shooting. Everything was so bright!

    Woke the next morning to find I had missed breakfast. Back felt great and overall, the best night out EVER!! God bless us everyone.

    Just want to take a minute to thank all you posters for educating me so I could get back out into the woods in comfort. I couldn't have done it without you. And by the way, I think we have some converts.
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    Great trip report and pics.
    "Every day above ground is a good day"

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    great trip report I only wish I was up there with you all for two reasons I like the cold weather now that it is so blessed hot out side and two I love the Rockies..

    great pictures too by the way

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    These are a few views 50' from our site.
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    Oh yeah... it won't take long until you get a good idea what you do & don't need to take for insulation.
    don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!

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    I'm dying to get a snug fit, just have to wait for $$$$.

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    hey, another colorado hanger, that makes 3 of us now i believe.

    welcome to hf, good report

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