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    Thanks everyone for the help,but is there anybody who can speak to a difference between the GTSB Pro and Ultralight? After reading the rest of these replies along with other threads on this forum, it seems like the general consensus is that the ENO Doublenest is notably more comfortable but it's hard to tell if that's compared to the ultralight or the pro (with a few exceptions).
    Also, I'm about 5'11" 190lb since that seems to be an important factor when talking about comfort.

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    ENO Doublenest
    Kelty Noah 12
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    Webbing & Toggle
    From the Grand Trunk website
    GT Skeeter Beater Pro
    10.5 x 5ft
    Parachute nylon silk

    GT Ultralight travel (think that is the one you are referring to)
    12 oz
    9.5 x 4.5ft
    Polyester taffeta

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    in development
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    Just a thought...

    Welcome to the hammock community!

    I just saw you are looking for a new hammock and wanted to let you know about Kammok. Dejoha gave a great list of manufacturers, and I wanted to jump in because I saw you were concerned about comfort. Our Roo is the largest of the group. Check it out @ Also, for every Roo we sell we donate a treated mosquito net or health education materials to a family in Africa to prevent malaria.

    I'd be glad to let you try it out, and if you don't like it you can send it back. Our products come with a LifeTime warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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    How big a difference does 1' make?

    Thanks wizardofhaws for the info. My problem is that since I've never slept in a hammock before I don't know if a 1' x 5" difference will be noticeable or not, or in the case of the GTSB Pro vs. ENO DN a 7" x 1'8" difference. Some of the reviews I read of the ENO DN described excess fabric on the edges falling in, leading me to believe that a lot of that width goes unused, but I have no actual experience to base that off of.

    On a sidenote: I can't believe how many people have answered over the day, thanks a lot guys. From what I'm hearing though it seems like it comes down to whether I care more about comfort or price and convenience, but I'm still open to any more advice as always.

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    I second what OfftheGround says, my Kammock rocks! Its by far the most roomy/comfortable of the ones you mentioned. You'd be hard pressed to go wrong with one. That being said, I like my ENO DN and had good luck with the GT Hammocks.

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    just start a collection whats the worst you do have more than one reason to test them out repeatly for years on end

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    Ooh, do I smell another Dejoha Infographic?

    As has been stated most of the Hook and Bag gathered end hammocks are comparable. Truth be told, if it wasn't for the colors most people (including some here) couldn't tell the difference between many of them. Including the $5 hammocks I picked up at my local Kmart on clearance.
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