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    BearPaw Wilderness Designs

    I found this company on eBay while looking for a pack cover. I went to their website and they offer a good bit of supplies.

    I placed an order for a few things and shipping was reasonable @ $3 for everything.

    They offer:

    -Tarps (should work for hammocks)
    -Ti Stakes
    -LineLoks (glow in the dark)
    -Ultralight Pack Covers
    -Stuff Sacks
    -Ditty Sacks

    Check them out. Just thought I would pass this along.
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    I have one of their tarps, very nice indeed. I talked to him on the phone and explained how I wanted the side pullouts, how many attachment points per side, etc. Easy to talk to, come to find out he grew up not far from me so conversation spawned from that. And the gear is good, I only have the tarp, but he has a lot of good DIY supplies as well. I can't speak for the prices, since I don't do much DIY myself, but I'd recommend them for sure.

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