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    Question Newbie Needes some Help - antique style

    I figure if you are tyring to build an ant hill, you should start by asking the Ants! So I have joined your forum to try to find some info.

    I recently received my grandfather's steel framed hammock (it is at least 40 years old, because I remember it from my childhood!). The frame is in great shape but off course the material has long ago disappeard. I have been searching all of the differnt frame options/styles out there but can't find anything that fits my configuration.

    It is a slip together frame in a boat configuration with 1 hanging hook on one end with 3 hooks across a bar on the other end. Can anyone recommend a hammock to fit this? My rough measurement is about 10 feet across.

    I know I will need to choose something with material versus rope as I have a two year old and don't desire to see him dangeling through the cords. I have seen the ones with one ring on each end and spreader bar which I thought I could probably rig an extra support for the other 2 hooks (or just ignore them all together). I also will be accomidating a 6'4 hubby who is >250lbs.

    Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to HF.
    First I'd take a measurement to see exactly how far apart the ends of the hammock stand are.
    Then you can make or buy a hammock that is slightly shorter than that distance.
    When the hammock is hung with some sag, it will be a little shorter than it would be when laid out flat on the floor to measure, but not much.

    We'll see what others suggest that may have actually taken notes on how much difference there is between the hammock length laying flat verses sagging between two supports.

    Also, I like to have 1-2' between the hammock ends & the support (the antique hammock stand in your case) to allow a better "swing", but sometimes that doesn't turn out to be practical.
    But you may want to try to allow about 6" between the hammock ends & the ends of the hammock stand.
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    Smile I am so excited...

    Thanks for the encouragment and reply! I am not sure what terminology to use when describing the style of one end ring/spreader bar with 3 hooks on the other? Any suggestions?

    It is going to sit right next to the sandbox so mommy and daddy can swing away the hours we spend outside watching him play. (There are definetly some energy drawbacks to older parenthood!)

    I was hoping to have it ready for daddy on father's day, but alas, the stores have nothing that matches up out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Hanging Around... View Post
    Thanks for the encouragment and reply! I am not sure what terminology to use when describing the style of one end ring/spreader bar with 3 hooks on the other? Any suggestions?
    Welcome to the forum.

    Can you post pictures of the stand? Maybe that would be easier than trying to describe the entire setup.
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    There us a thread that talks about hammock stands for couples for use indoors. The link to a "Three point stand" which might give you some ideas about building/buying a hammock bed for your stand.

    I have lost the link but I am sure someone else will chime in or you can search for hammock stands for couples or whatever.
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    Here is a link to the indoor stand thread:

    Good luck with this! If you could post some pictures, I am sure we can help you...

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