NorCal Hammock Hang Resounding Success

Happy Hip Hangers



OneThing and gRaFFiX

OneThing's dog Bailey

cardo and meld

E.A.Y. (no pic, I was behind the camera)

Nancy (and Suzy Q the dog)

We came, cars loaded to the roof, we saw dozens of lovely pine trees, we had a blast. We will do this again here, probably October.


Super Stove Smackdown
cardo got just a little tiny bit carried away with stoves. Fortunately, the picnic table was concrete, so there were no consequences to having half a dozen stoves all going at once.

Later on we were treated to meld's Backcountry Boiler.

Gear Groupie Gathering

Besides cardo's impressive stove collection, we had Mac's Molly pack represented (meld and dblhmmck both tried my MMP on), Mt. Laurel gear, Gossamer Gear, Ti Goat, Dutchware, 2QzQ, and of course a whole flock of Warbonnet blackbirds: three if I counted right. OES tarps, JRB quilts and tarps.

And I was totally stoked that other people had discovered my favorite shoes: Inov8.

Fine Food Frenzy

I dropped the ball on the general potluck idea, but Amity and dblhmmck came through with hummus and port, Nancy with bundt cake. I inflicted my pastys on the group and then soothed them with mulled wine.

(Amity's yummy breakfast)

Trip report video coming soon.