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    SOLD: JRB Nest and No Sniveller

    Used 1 night $400, prefer money orders. I like my tent beter in cool weather. PM me if interested.

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    New Member wfuballer21's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    winston salem, NC
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    HH hex tarp
    JRB Mt Washington
    is this a package deal, or would you be willing to sell seperately? im interested in the Nest

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    id rather do the package deal

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    actually some one on WB wants the no sniveller so I may be able to sell each of you one item, Hows $200 for one?

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    Sale is pending on the no sniveller and one contemplating the nest

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    Nest still for sale

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    JRB Hudson River
    how much are you looking for for the nest?

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    I'll take $200 for it. What is shipping like from GA to BC? I was including shipping in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troglobil View Post
    Nest still for sale
    For a HHULBP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken209 View Post
    For a HHULBP?
    Yes, does not include suspension, does include shipping $200

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