Hi Guys.
I've been by this forum a couple of times and it has turned into an amazing collection of good advice for new guys like me.
I bought a Hennessey Safari Deluxe a couple of years ago. Not knowing anything about camping in hammocks, I thought it would be possible to cuddle up with my girlfriend on small camping trips (not practical for sleep though).

But being dedicated to Via Ferrata (also known as Klettersteig), camping on steep mountaisides with trees has totaly converted me into a Hammock believer now To me, the hammock is a gift from heaven!

I have recomended my Hennessey to many of my friends, and I will continue to do so, since I am very happy with my purchase.

But I have 4 children and a wife I would like to share the experience with, and I can not afford 5 more hammocks. So now I'm joining this forum to start making my own hammocks.
The DIY section is perfect for me.

My only problem is that I live in Denmark. I'm having a hard time finding good uncoated ripstop Nylon for my project, but I guess I will take that up in the right Forum.

Best regards to all of you :-)