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    What methods are you using to keep your hammock open with out a ridgeline

    If that isn't really clear let me try this. I have a Clark NA and I don't always have my tarp low enough, or even up for that matter, to attach the ends of the hammock to keep it up. I know that Opie had shown a couple different ways that he had configured a Clark so I was wondering if anyone had any other methods they could share. Thanks for helping with my curiosity.

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    I'm in your situation with a Tropical II Most nights I am hanging beneath a tree with low enough branches. I run a shock cord up to a $ store biner aka a coupla shower curtain rings I clip to a branch.

    If the branches aren't there and I'm not hanging a rain fly, then a lightweight ridgeline with prussics is handy. Consider, though just a line with some elastic in going to the tree behind your head, and forgoing the raising the the netting or weather-shield at the foot end.

    Clark's supplied shock cords are prime, but unnecessarily heavy and expensive to replace. Buy 25c mitten hooks, and if the lightest shock cord isn't available, elastic ribbon from a sewing department will last a dozen outings or more in made-up shock cords that are sufficient to hold up the netting and weather-shield.

    I will try sewing three small loops into the zipper base tape of the head end hood, 4" to left, right and center. A thin 10" rod through the loops might give a more open feeling than the current tented shape. It does that for the netting on DD and Claytor hammocks.

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