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    Small suprise from Cabelas

    Just had to give a shout out to Cabelas for their great service.
    I ordered myself some stuff from cabelas sunday afternoon. I got my email from them confirming my order, my shipping date etc. The shipping date read
    3/20/12 (next tuesday) I was suprised to see a large box sitting at my front door when I got home from school today, a whole week before it was supposed to arrive! I thought it was pretty cool, because usually the big box stores have very orderly, exact, precise ways of doing things, and nothing ever comes early. I was even more suprised when I opened the box to find my product, as well as a bunch of free samples. Obviously sales promotions and stuff, but i got two free 5 hour energys, and 2 small boxes of ceral. Small deal in the big scheme of things, but though it was an expirience worth sharing.
    Thanks Cabelas!
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    I use cabelas all of the time for hunting gear and actually ordered my first hammock (grand trunk) there.

    The store has outstanding customer service and a "bargain cave" with new deals every week.

    In fact, I use them so much that I get a hard back super catalog from them every year! It's great!

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