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    Well, I just set up my WW for a backyard overnighter, and it hangs like a dream. I might be able to dial it in better with an ARL or maybe Not! The one included in the BIAS Suspension has to be almost dead on.

    Purchase a hammock and suspension from these guys, and this kit is ready to hang. No trip to Ace or REI or begging on the forums for hardware.

    *Note on the Notty Mod. Do it!

    It's like adding a footbox, on one end, and it doesn't just straightens up any extra fabric around the head. It allows you to adjust any way you want, for either visibility or coverage. Very nice mod. Very well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceweaseal View Post
    I ordered a custom micro yesterday and can't wait to get it.
    If their hammocks are half as good as their customer service, then I will be a happy hanger..
    Thank you Brian for going out of your way to help me....
    Glad to help. We're having fun and we know you have other great choices.
    Now carrying the Mini Tattoo Stove!
    Light weight. Low prices. Great gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNJared View Post
    That'd be great if you could get an exact weight. I am an extreme gram weenie.
    I finally got the pics uploaded on FB. My wife had a flat yesterday so we swapped vehicles to get the tire patched and my camera was in my Jeep. Sorry for the delay.
    It'll be alright Friday!

    Check us out at

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