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    Passing on Deals: Marmot Womens Venus down jackets.

    Very quickly... Passed on some deals I found on jackets last year, people liked it. So, doing it again this year. Seems to be something about down jackets people like... I can always return the ones that no one wants.

    Decided to created a dedicated thread for the Women's jackets since they were the only ones left. I grabbed the womens jackets up after some interest was expressed about them.

    These are New WOMENS marmot Venus Jackets. These are the womens version of the zeus. 800 down.

    1 Medium Venus, Methyl Blue (best way to describe, looks like color of an alcohol flame)
    1 Large Venus, Rose Red
    1 Large Venus, Black
    1 XL Venus, Rose Red
    1 XL Venus, Black

    $74 Shipped priority CONUS, paypal. (Cost of jacket+pp fee+$6~ shipping)

    If you want one Post in thread, then PM me.

    Believe it or not, I find selling stuff fun even if it doesn't really make me money

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    I'm sure that there are some ladies out there that would love one of these jackets at a great price

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    I'd grab one if I didn't already have 2 lightweight down jackets. One of my top 3 pieces of gear. My favorite piece of camp clothing! I even take mine in summer because it's lighter than a sweatshirt and packs smaller as well.
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